How to Contact SASSA?

SASSA Contact Details

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for administering social assistance grants to millions of qualifying citizens and residents in South Africa.

As a grant applicant or existing beneficiary, you may need to contact SASSA regarding your application, grant payments, card issues or to report problems.

This guide provides all the different options available to get in touch with SASSA representatives for assistance.

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Why You Might Need to Contact SASSA

There are many reasons you may need to contact SASSA, including:

  • To check the status of your grant application.
  • To provide any additional documents requested for your application.
  • To query why your grant application was rejected and lodge an appeal.
  • To report any change in your personal circumstances such as address, marital status, bank details, etc.
  • To notify SASSA if you will be away or in hospital for an extended period.
  • To inform SASSA if you start receiving another source of income like a salary or maintenance payments.
  • To find out dates for upcoming grant payments.
  • To report late, missed, or incorrect grant payments.
  • To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged SASSA card.
  • To change your grant payment method or pay point.
  • To query deductions made from your grant amount.
  • To report suspected grant fraud.
  • To provide feedback, comments, suggestions, or complaints about SASSA services.
  • To ask a general question about social grants.

SASSA relies on beneficiaries making contact so they can provide assistance and continuously improve service delivery.

Ways to Contact SASSA Representatives

SASSA offers various channels to get in touch with agents and representatives if you need information or assistance:

By Phone

SASSA National Call Centre Number: 0800 60 10 11

This toll-free number connects you to the national SASSA call center to log queries or speak to an agent during working hours. Available Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm. Select your language option when prompted.

SASSA Regional Office Numbers:

Call the number for your province to speak to SASSA regional representatives.

By Email

This email can be used for general grant applications, payment, and card queries.

Email for specific questions about the SRD Social Relief grant.

Use this email to securely report any social grant fraud.

For any other non-grant questions and comments.

Remember to include your full name, ID number, contact details, and comprehensive details of your case in the email so SASSA can assist you.

Via Website

  • Go to the SASSA website and click on “Contact Us” to access the following:
  • Online complaint form – To lodge complaints.
  • Fraud report form – To report grant corruption anonymously
  • Send us a message form – For general inquiries and questions.
  • Toll-free number and regional office details.

Fully complete all website forms and provide your details for SASSA to respond.


  • Visit your closest local SASSA Office in person during working hours.
  • Explain your issue to the Customer Service Officer for assistance.
  • Be sure to carry your ID document and any supporting documents related to your case.
  • This option allows you to deal directly with SASSA representatives face-to-face.

Locate your nearest SASSA office using the office finder on the SASSA website.

By Post

You can also send written correspondence to the SASSA Head Office at:

  • SASSA Head Office, Private Bag X55662, Arcadia 0007, Pretoria, South Africa

Remember to include your name, contact details, ID number, and full details of your case. Post can take time so rather use other rapid options if urgent.

Social Media

  • Tweet @OfficialSASSA on Twitter or send a private message for assistance.
  • Send a post or private message on the SASSA’s pages on Facebook.
  • Social media responses may be delayed. Rather call or email for urgent issues.

How to Contact Regional SASSA Offices?

RegionRepresentative NamePhone NumberEmail
GautengMr. Themba Matlou011 241 8320[email protected]
LimpopoMs. Zodwa Mvulane015 291 7509[email protected]
Free State(Acting) Mr. Mohodi Tsosane051 410 8339[email protected]
KwaZulu NatalMs. Thamo Mzobe033 846 3324[email protected]
MpumalangaMr. Themba Matlou013 754 9446[email protected]
North WestMs. Zodwa Mvulane018 388 4006[email protected]
Northern Cape(Acting) Mr. Mohodi Tsosane053 802 4919[email protected]
Eastern Cape(Acting) Mr. Zanoxolo Mpeta043 707 6335[email protected]
Western Cape(Acting) Mr. Abraham Mahlangu021 469 0235[email protected]

How to Get Assistance from SASSA Representatives

When you make contact with SASSA via any of the above channels, here are some tips for getting the best assistance:

  • Clearly explain your issue, query, or complaint from the start. Provide relevant history and details.
  • Make sure you have your ID number on hand as it will be requested for verification.
  • Quote any reference numbers related to your case such as grant application number.
  • Keep your interactions polite and calm. Do not shout or use aggressive language.
  • Request to speak to a supervisor if your issue is complex or your call is not resolved by the first agent.
  • Take note of the names of SASSA agents assisting you for follow-up purposes.
  • Ask what the next steps are if your query cannot be immediately resolved.
  • If emailing or writing in, request a reference number for your case.
  • Follow up if you do not receive feedback after some time.
  • Provide any additional evidence if requested by SASSA for further evaluation.
  • Ask for clarity if you do not understand something explained by the agent.

Being prepared with all relevant information about your case when contacting SASSA will help ensure you receive appropriate assistance.

How to Check the Status of Your SASSA Grant Application

If you have already submitted an application for a SASSA grant, you can check its current status in a few ways:

By Phone

  • Call the SASSA national call center number or your regional office number.
  • Provide the reference number issued when you first applied.
  • The agent can then look up and inform you of your current application status.

By Email

  • Email [email protected] requesting your application status.
  • Specify your name, ID number, and application reference number in the email.


  • Provide your mobile number when applying to receive SMS updates about your status.
  • Look out for messages indicating if your application is pending, approved, rejected etc.

Online Portal

  • SASSA Status Checker can help you to check your status online
  • Make sure to regularly check for status updates.

In Person

  • Visit the SASSA regional office where you applied and request your current status.
  • Provide ID number and application reference for look-up.

Following up directly with SASSA is the best way to get the latest update on the outcome of your grant application.

How to Lodge an Appeal for a Rejected SASSA Grant

If your initial grant application is rejected by SASSA, you have the right to appeal the decision within 90 days of rejection by:

Complete Appeal Form

  • Obtain an Appeals Form from your nearest SASSA office or download it online.
  • Complete the form providing reasons you are appealing and additional supporting documents.

Submit In Person

  • Submit the Appeals Form in person at the same SASSA office where you applied.
  • Bring your green barcoded ID or Smart ID card to verify your identity.
  • Provide fingerprints to validate your appeal submission.

Track Appeal Status

  • You will receive an SMS notifying you of the appeal outcome once reviewed.
  • Expect a decision within 10 working days.
  • If an appeal is successful, grant processing will proceed.

Do not miss the 90-day appeal window if you still believe you meet the eligibility criteria for the grant that was rejected. Follow up promptly.

Learn more about Submitting SASSA Appeal

How to Report SASSA Grant Fraud

If you suspect or become aware of any social grant fraud, corruption or unethical behaviour, report it promptly to SASSA via:

Fraud Hotline

  • Call the toll-free SASSA Fraud Hotline on 0800 601 011 to report grant fraud anonymously.
  • Provide as many relevant details as possible about the fraudulent activity.

Fraud Email

  • Email [email protected] with a comprehensive account of the fraud case.
  • Include identities of those involved, locations, dates, and types of fraudulent activities.

Fraud Website Form

  • Access the online Fraud Report Form at the SASSA website and fill it out in full detail.
  • You can submit anonymously or include your details for further follow-up.
  • Upload any evidence files, photos, or documents supporting the report.

In Person

  • Ask to see the fraud manager at your nearest SASSA regional office and provide a verbal report.
  • Hand over any physical evidence to accompany your report.

Crime Stop

  • Call the Crime Stop hotline at 0860 010 111 to anonymously report SASSA corruption.

Grant fraud steals public money intended to help the poor and vulnerable. Reporting suspicions promptly can help curb corruption.

How to Complain about SASSA Services

If you need to lodge a complaint about poor service delivery from SASSA, there are several options:

SASSA Complaints Email

  • Send an email to [email protected] detailing your complaint.
  • Provide your name, ID number, contact details, and full description of the issue.
  • Attach any evidence files or photos related to your complaint.

Complete the Online Complaint Form

  • Access the Complaint Form at the SASSA website under the Contact Us tab.
  • Fill in all fields providing details of what happened and what resolution you are seeking.

In Person

  • Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager at your nearest SASSA regional office.
  • Politely yet firmly explain your grievance in person requesting follow-up action.
  • Be specific about the nature of the unsatisfactory service and how you were affected.

By Phone

  • Call the SASSA call center number and request to lodge an official complaint.
  • Note the name of the agent assisting you and provide a detailed account of your bad experience.
  • Ask for a reference number for follow-up on steps taken to address your complaint.

Don’t suffer in silence – speak up if you encounter unsatisfactory service delivery so that SASSA can improve.

How to Submit Positive Feedback to SASSA

If you have received excellent service from SASSA and wish to compliment a staff member or provide positive feedback, here’s how:

Compliments Email

  • Send an email to [email protected] praising the service you received.
  • Provide staff member names, office locations, dates, and details of your positive experience.

Website Compliments Form

  • Access the Compliments Form under Contact Us on the SASSA website.
  • Fill in all fields providing details of the commendable service and the difference it made.

Call Centre

  • Call 0800 60 10 11 and ask to register a compliment for the SASSA agent or staff member who assisted you.

In Person

  • Visit the SASSA office where you were helped and request to speak to the manager.
  • Verbally share your positive feedback in person about the staff member.
  • Briefly write down your compliments in a note to be placed on their file.

Recognizing and rewarding good service improves staff morale and promotes excellence.

How to Change Your Personal Details at SASSA

If your personal circumstances change, promptly contact SASSA to provide updated details to avoid issues.

To Change Your Address

Visit your nearest SASSA office in person and present your green barcoded ID book as proof of your new residential address. An agent will update your address on the SASSA system.

To Change Your Marital Status

Visit SASSA and provide your ID, copies of your marriage certificate or divorce decree, and completed Affidavit Forms so they can adjust your status if it impacts your grant eligibility.

To Change Your Bank Account Details

Obtain a SASSA Annexure C form from your local SASSA office or website and take it to your new bank to complete and stamp. Return to SASSA to update your account details.

To Change Your Mobile Number

Call the SASSA call center or visit your local office to provide your updated active mobile number for your records to be updated.

Promptly informing SASSA of any changes prevents payment issues and ensures you remain reachable.

How to Submit General Enquiries and Suggestions to SASSA

If you simply need to ask SASSA a general question or wish to submit ideas and suggestions, you can get in touch via:

Enquiries Email

Send any general enquiries or questions to [email protected] and SASSA staff will assist. Remember to include your ID number and contact details.

Website Enquiry Form

Access the online Send Us a Message form via and type in your question or suggestion for submission to SASSA.

Call Centre

Call the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and select the options to speak to an agent to ask your question or provide your suggestion or idea for improvement.

Survey Participation

Keep an eye out for SMS or email invites from SASSA to participate in surveys about your service experience and provide feedback.

Social Media

Comment on SASSA’s Facebook posts or send a Direct Message on Twitter to ask questions or voice suggestions.

SASSA relies on input from citizens and beneficiaries to continuously enhance service delivery.

FAQs about Contacting SASSA

What is the toll-free number for the SASSA call center? 

The national SASSA call center number is 0800 60 10 11. This number connects you to an agent during working hours from Monday to Friday.

Does SASSA have regional office contact numbers? 

Yes, SASSA has dedicated regional office numbers for each province that you can call for assistance. The numbers are available on the SASSA website.

What email can I use to contact SASSA with queries? 

You can email general grant inquiries to [email protected]. For specific grant questions, email [email protected] for SRD, [email protected] for fraud reports, and [email protected] for complaints.

Can I visit a SASSA office in person? 

Yes, you can visit your closest regional SASSA office in person during working hours to speak to an agent and get assistance face-to-face.

Is it possible to contact SASSA via social media? 

Yes, you can send tweets to @OfficialSASSA on Twitter or post on their Facebook page SASSANewsZA, but responses may be slower than other channels.

How do I check the status of my SASSA application? 

To check your status, call the SASSA helpline or your regional office number, provide your ID and reference number, and the agent can look up and inform you of your status.

What details should I have on hand when contacting SASSA? 

You must have your ID number, application reference number, and comprehensive details of your case ready before contacting SASSA for efficient assistance.

How can I submit positive feedback or compliments to SASSA? 

You can email [email protected] or submit the online Compliments Form on the SASSA website to commend good service.

What should I do if I’m unable to get through telephonically? 

If you are struggling to get through on the SASSA helpline, keep trying at different times of the day or week when call volumes may be lower. Alternatively, try emailing, submitting website queries, or visiting an office.


SASSA offers various channels like phone, email, social media, website forms, and in-person visits to contact representatives for assistance, check application status, change details, lodge complaints or provide feedback.

Be sure to use the right channels for specific needs and provide your personal details and comprehensive background each time to receive appropriate help. Contact SASSA promptly if you encounter any issues so they can be swiftly resolved.