How to Withdraw the SASSA Grant from the Post Office?

How to withdraw sassa grant from post office

Millions of South Africans rely on monthly social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to help meet their basic needs. These grants provide vital income support to vulnerable groups.

If you are a recipient of a SASSA grant, one way to access your funds each month is by withdrawing your grant in cash directly from your local Post Office branch.

This article explains everything you need to know about using Post Office branches to withdraw your monthly SASSA grant payments in detail.

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Overview of Withdrawing SASSA Grants from the Post Office

  • Post Office branches act as pay points for SASSA grants on behalf of SASSA.
  • To withdraw your grant, take your original green, barcoded ID book and your SASSA card to the Post Office.
  • Grants can only be collected during the designated 5-day payment period each month.
  • You receive your grant amount in cash at the counter after providing your ID and SASSA card.
  • No fee is charged by the Post Office for grant collections. You get your full approved grant amount.

How to Withdraw Your SASSA Grant at the Post Office

Follow these steps to withdraw your monthly SASSA grant in cash from your local Post Office branch:

1. Check the Payment Dates

  • SASSA announces the payment dates for each grant type at the start of each month.
  • The payment cycle runs for 5 working days, usually from the 3rd to the 7th of the month.
  • Note down the dates your specific grant type will be payable at Post Office branches each month.

2. Visit the Post Office

  • On the payment dates for your grant, visit your nearest Post Office branch.
  • Most SASSA beneficiaries have a Post Office located close to where they live for convenient access.
  • Try to go early in the 5-day period to avoid long queues as the deadline approaches.

3. Bring Your ID and SASSA Card

  • To withdraw your grant, you MUST bring your original green, barcoded ID book. Smart ID cards are also accepted.
  • Also, have your SASSA grant payout card. This is the special debit card issued by SASSA.
  • Photocopies of IDs are not accepted. You need original documents.

4. Join the Payment Queue

  • At the Post Office, look for the dedicated SASSA payments counter or queue.
  • Take a queue ticket and wait your turn to be called to the front.
  • Payment queues can be very long, so be prepared to wait.

5. Provide ID and SASSA Card

  • When called to the front, hand over your original ID book and SASSA card to the teller.
  • The teller will verify your ID, grant eligibility, and availability of funds.

6. Collect Cash Grant Amount

  • Once verified, the teller will count out the exact rand amount of your monthly SASSA grant in cash.
  • Count the money before leaving the counter to ensure you received the full correct amount.
  • Keep your ID and SASSA card safe in case you need to return to query any issues.

Tips for Smooth Grant Withdrawals at the Post Office

Follow these tips when withdrawing your monthly SASSA grant from the Post Office:

  • Double-check the SASSA payment dates for your grant before going to the Post Office branch. Only go on confirmed pay-out days.
  • Go as early as possible in the 5-day payment cycle as queues get very long closer to the deadline each month.
  • Memorize your 13-digit ID number so you don’t need to take your ID book out repeatedly while waiting in the queue.
  • Ensure your SASSA card is kept safely in your wallet, purse or pocket while waiting.
  • Be patient with tellers as they have to process large volumes of payments on grant days.
  • If the amount paid out is incorrect, immediately query it with the Post Office manager before leaving the branch.
  • Keep all grant payment receipts and SMS notifications as proof, should you need to follow up on any discrepancies.

Types of SASSA Grants Paid Out at Post Offices

The main grant types that can be collected in cash from Post Office branches are:

Older Person’s Grant

  • Paid to South African citizens over age 60 who meet income criteria.
  • The current value is R1990 per month (as of 2023).
  • Collect this grant at the Post Office by providing your ID and SASSA card.

Disability Grant

  • Paid to South Africans with a confirmed physical or mental disability.
  • The current value is R1990 per month (as of 2023).
  • Withdraw the full amount due to you upon verification at the Post Office counter.

Child Support Grant

  • Caregivers of eligible children under 18 can apply.
  • The current value is R480 per child per month (as of 2023).
  • The primary caregiver withdraws the total grant amount using their ID.

SRD Social Relief Grant

  • Introduced during COVID-19 to assist unemployed individuals.
  • Value is R350 per approved applicant per month.
  • Can be collected in cash from Post Office branches.

Why Withdraw SASSA Grants from the Post Office?

Here are some of the benefits of collecting your SASSA grant payments from the Post Office each month:


  • Post Offices are located countrywide, even in rural and township areas.
  • Provides beneficiaries with a pay point close to where they live.


  • Post Offices represent a fixed, predictable location for grants to be collected monthly.
  • An alternative is if other retailers have payment issues or outages.


  • IDs are thoroughly verified before any payments are made.
  • No need to withdraw the full grant amount at once. You can withdraw smaller amounts each time you visit the Post Office during the payment month.


  • Post Offices have historically been the go-to place to collect SASSA grants. The process is familiar.
  • Personal service is provided with tellers assisting beneficiaries at the counter if needed.

Key Reminders When Using the Post Office

Here are some important things to keep in mind when withdrawing your SASSA grant from the Post Office:

  • Only attempt to collect your grant during the designated 5-day SASSA payment period each month.
  • Collect your own grant personally using your ID. Never send someone else.
  • Keep your SASSA card PIN secret and memorized. Do not carry the PIN with you.
  • Be patient on busy grant payment days and expect long queues at Post Office branches.
  • Report lost or stolen SASSA cards immediately to prevent unauthorized use.
  • If your ID or contact details change, inform SASSA promptly to avoid payment issues.
  • Visit or call SASSA if you do not receive an expected grant payment for investigation.

Changing Your SASSA Grant Payment Method

If you want to change your grant payment method from Post Office collections to an alternative method, here is the process:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and obtain an Annexure C form.
  • Indicate your desired new payment method e.g. bank account, SASSA card, etc.
  • Submit the completed Annexure C form along with your ID and fingerprints at the SASSA office for confirmation.
  • SASSA will then stop paying your grant out at Post Offices. Expect a 1-2 month delay as the change is processed.
  • You will start receiving your grant through your newly selected payment channel instead.
  • Destroy your old SASSA card if switching away from Post Office payments to avoid fraud.

You can submit a new Annexure C at any time to revert or change your grant payment method again if needed.

Other Ways to Get Your Monthly SASSA Grant

In addition to Post Office cash collections, here are some other payment options SASSA beneficiaries can use:

Bank Account Direct Deposit

  • SASSA can pay grants directly into beneficiaries’ personal bank accounts monthly.
  • To set this up, complete an Annexure C form at your nearest SASSA office.
  • Provides access to funds via ATMs, online purchasing, etc.

SASSA Card Withdrawals

  • SASSA issues a special debit card to grant beneficiaries.
  • Use it to withdraw grant cash at ATMs, banks, and point-of-sale. Can also be used for purchases.
  • Limited cash can only be accessed during the 5-day payment cycle each month.

Cash Send eWallet

  • Available from major banks like FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec.
  • SASSA loads grant money into a virtual eWallet using your mobile number.
  • Withdraw eWallet cash at supported ATM networks using a temporary OTP PIN.

Money Transfers

  • Services like Mukuru, and Mama Money allow grants to be sent to another mobile number.
  • The recipient cashes out the funds at designated agents. Useful for sending money.
  • Fees of around 5-20% are charged per transaction.

Consider which payment method best suits your individual needs and circumstances. Post Offices provide a fixed location for reliably collecting grant funds in cash each month.

Steps to Get a SASSA Card for Post Office Withdrawals

If you are an approved SASSA grant beneficiary but do not yet have an SASSA card to withdraw funds from the Post Office, follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply for an SASSA Card at the Local Office

  • Visit your nearest SASSA regional office and request an application form for a SASSA card.
  • Complete the application with your personal and grant details and submit it at the SASSA office.

Step 2: Card Production and Postage

  • Based on your application, your SASSA card will be produced at a centralized production facility.
  • This process usually takes 10-20 working days.
  • Once complete, your card will be posted via registered mail to your home address.

Step 3: Receive and Activate Card

  • You should receive your SASSA card within 2-3 weeks of applying for it.
  • Call the number on the letter that accompanies the card to activate it via your ID number and the card’s PIN.
  • Sign the back of the card immediately and always keep your PIN secret.

Step 4: Withdraw the Grant at the Post Office

  • On your grant pay-out dates, go to the Post Office with your green barcoded ID book and new SASSA card.
  • Join the SASSA payments queue and withdraw your monthly grant amount in cash.
  • You can now use the same card every month to collect your grant from the Post Office.

Be sure to properly care for and safeguard your SASSA card once received, as it provides access to your essential grant funds each month.

Additional Tips for Obtaining a SASSA Card

Here are some extra tips when applying for and collecting your new SASSA card for grant withdrawals:

  • If your card is not received within 8 weeks of applying, follow up at your SASSA office or call the SASSA call center.
  • Always keep your physical address updated with SASSA so that your card and PIN can be mailed to you.
  • Activate your new card within 30 days of receipt or else it may be blocked for security reasons.
  • If your card is lost/stolen or damaged, immediately report it to SASSA and apply for replacement.
  • Never give your SASSA card or PIN to anyone else, even family. It is for your use only.
  • Memorize your PIN instead of carrying the number with you. Never share the PIN.
  • Check that the name on the card matches your ID when you receive it.

Obtaining an SASSA card provides you with a secure means to reliably collect your monthly social grant from the Post Office in cash. Follow all required steps carefully for successful activation and use.

Using the SASSA Card at the Post Office

When withdrawing your SASSA grant from the Post Office using your SASSA card, here are some useful tips:

Know Your Balance

  • Check your SASSA card balance beforehand so you know your available funds for withdrawal.
  • You can check at SASSA offices, ATMs, or by calling the balance inquiry number.

Have SASSA Card Ready

  • Keep your SASSA card easily accessible in your wallet or purse while in the Post Office queue.
  • Have the card ready to hand to the teller when called to the front.

Withdrawal Receipt

  • Always take the withdrawal receipt from the teller and keep it safe after collecting your cash.
  • The receipt helps track withdrawals and provides proof of collection.

Issues or Discrepancies

  • If any issue arises with card declines or incorrect amounts, resolve it immediately at the Post Office before leaving.
  • Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager if the teller cannot assist.

Card Care

  • Avoid exposing your SASSA card to dirt, water, heat or physical damage.
  • Contact SASSA if your card becomes unreadable so that it can be replaced promptly.

Using your SASSA card properly at the Post Office helps ensure you can conveniently access your grant funds in full when needed each month.

Options If Unable to Visit Post Office Branch

If you are unable to visit a Post Office branch yourself to withdraw your SASSA grant, you have two options:

Authorized Proxy

  • SASSA allows grant beneficiaries to appoint an authorized proxy.
  • The proxy can withdraw the grant on your behalf using the proxy form and your ID.
  • Apply at SASSA for detailed rules about who can be appointed as a proxy.

Post Office Home Delivery

  • In exceptional cases, the Post Office may be able to deliver cash grant payments to your home.
  • You need to submit an application to your local Post Office branch manager explaining why you are unable to visit the branch yourself.
  • If approved, a local postman will deliver your grant to your home on pay-out days upon ID verification.

While limited, these alternatives allow beneficiaries unable to travel/queue themselves to still receive their monthly SASSA grants through the Post Office channel.

Switching Payment Method from Bank Account to Post Office

If your SASSA grant is currently paid into your personal bank account but you want to switch to collecting it in cash from the Post Office instead, here is how:

Step 1: Obtain Annexure C Form

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and request an Annexure C change of payment method form.
  • You can also download the form online from the SASSA website.

Step 2: Complete Form Details

  • In Annexure C, fill in all your personal and grant details.
  • Under “Selected Payment Method” tick the box for “Pay-out at Post Office.”

Step 3: Submit the Form to SASSA

  • Submit your completed Annexure C form in person at the local SASSA office where you obtained it from.
  • Provide your ID book and fingerprints so your identity can be verified.

Step 4: Wait for Payment Change

  • It will take 1-2 months for the payment method change to fully take effect.
  • Keep checking your bank account until your grant amount appears at the Post Office instead.
  • Destroy your SASSA card if you receive a new one for Post Office collections.

FAQs about Post Office Grant Withdrawals

Here are answers to some common questions about withdrawing SASSA grants from the Post Office each month:

When exactly can I withdraw my SASSA grant from the Post Office?

You can only withdraw your monthly SASSA grant in cash from the Post Office during the designated 5-day payment period. The dates are announced at the start of each month.

What if I lost my SASSA card? Can I still collect my grant?

No, you need to have your original SASSA card to withdraw grants from the Post Office. Report lost or stolen cards to SASSA immediately and apply for a new SASSA card.

Do all Post Office branches pay out SASSA grants?

Most do, but some very small outlets may not. Check online or contact SASSA to find your closest participating Post Office pay point.

If I change my mobile number, can I still withdraw my grant?

Yes, you only need your ID book and SASSA card to withdraw at the Post Office. But inform SASSA of your new mobile number so they can update your details.

What if the Post Office tells me my grant hasn’t been paid in?

If you qualify and have received payment confirmations but the Post Office has no funds for you, visit SASSA immediately to resolve the discrepancy before the payment deadline.

Can I send someone else to withdraw my SASSA grant on my behalf?

No, that is fraudulent. Every beneficiary must personally withdraw their own grant at the Post Office using their own ID for verification.


Withdrawing your monthly SASSA grant in cash from the Post Office provides an accessible, familiar way to securely collect your essential grant funds. Just be sure to go on the correct payment dates for your particular grant type each month.