How to Withdraw the SASSA Grant by Bank Account?

How to Withdraw SASSA Grant by Bank Account

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides monthly grants to millions of South Africans who are vulnerable and in need of financial assistance. These social grants give beneficiaries a regular income which helps them meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.

SASSA Status Check

You may check your SASSA SRD R350 and Other Grants (Child Support, Old Person’s, Foster Child, Disability, Care Dependency, War Veteran and Grant-In-Aid) status online on our website with just one simple click.

If you are a SASSA grant beneficiary, you have a few options on how to access your monthly funds. One of the most convenient ways is to have the money deposited directly into your personal bank account. Here is a guide on how to withdraw your SASSA grant from your bank account each month:

Getting Your SASSA Grant Paid into Your Bank Account

The first step is to make sure your monthly SASSA grant is actually being paid into your bank account. Here is how to set this up:

  • Obtain a SASSA Consent Form from your nearest SASSA office or download it online from below. This is the form you need to fill out to request your grant payment be made into your bank account.
  • Take the SASSA Annexure C form to your bank and have them fill it out and stamp it. This confirms your banking details.
  • Submit the completed, stamped bank form back to your nearest SASSA office. Be sure to bring your ID and fingerprints to verify your identity.
  • SASSA will then start paying your monthly grant directly into the bank account you specified on the form.
  • It may take 1-2 months for the payment method to be updated and take effect. Keep checking your SASSA card until the money appears in your bank account.

Once this process is complete, your SASSA grant will be deposited into your chosen bank account on the regular payment dates each month.

Withdrawing the SASSA Grant Money

Once your grant is being paid into your bank account, you can withdraw the money in a few ways:

1. ATM Withdrawal

The simplest way is to withdraw cash from an ATM using your bank card. Here’s how:

  • Go to any ATM that accepts your bank card. Insert your card and enter your PIN when prompted.
  • Select “Withdrawal” from the menu options and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Most ATMs have a daily limit, so you may need to make multiple withdrawals to get your full grant amount.
  • Take the printed receipt and cash dispensed by the ATM. The withdrawal will reflect on your bank statement.
  • A small fee may be charged by your bank per ATM cash withdrawal. Enquire about ATM charges for your account.

2. In-Branch Withdrawal

You can also visit your bank branch in person to withdraw grant funds over the counter. You will need to:

  • Take your ID and bank card to your nearest branch.
  • Request a cash withdrawal and specify the amount.
  • Complete any withdrawal slips and sign where needed.
  • Receive your cash and receipt from the teller.

This option allows you to withdraw larger amounts of cash compared to ATMs. However, bank branches have limited hours, so consider an ATM if you need access outside of working hours.

3. Point-of-Sale Purchases

If you want to use your grant to pay for purchases, you can use your bank card at retail stores and other point-of-sale merchants. Here’s how:

  • When checking out at stores, select “card” as your payment method.
  • Insert your bank card and enter your PIN when prompted on the POS terminal.
  • The purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your SASSA grant funds in your bank account.
  • Keep the receipt as proof of your transaction.

This allows you to easily access your SASSA grant for shopping and other expenses without needing to first withdraw cash.

4. Electronic Bank Transfers

You can also transfer funds electronically from your bank account to other bank accounts or digital wallets. Options include:

  • EFT Transfers – Log into your bank account online or use your banking app to process electronic funds transfers (EFTs) to other bank account holders. You will need their account number. The money will be reflected in their account within 1-2 days. EFTs are usually free.
  • Instant EFTs – Same process as above, except the funds transfer instantly and have a small fee. Useful for urgent transfers.
  • Digital Wallets – Link your bank account to a digital wallet like M-Pesa and transfer funds from your SASSA grant to your mobile money account. Then you can cash out at local agents.

This allows you to send grant funds electronically to support family and pay accounts using your bank account.

Tips for Withdrawing Your SASSA Grant

Here are some useful tips when withdrawing your monthly SASSA grant from your bank account:

  • Check your latest SASSA grant amount before making withdrawals or transfers so you know your available balance.
  • Whenever you withdraw cash, be sure to stash it somewhere safe and secure. Avoid carrying around large amounts of money.
  • Set daily/weekly withdrawal limits for yourself to ensure the funds last the entire month.
  • If withdrawing from an ATM, only do so in well-lit areas and avoid ATMs that look damaged or tampered with. Cover your PIN when typing it in.
  • When shopping, request cash-back to get cash along with your point-of-sale purchases without needing to make an additional ATM stop.
  • Sign up for SMS or email alerts from your bank to receive notifications whenever money is withdrawn or paid from your account.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, immediately report it to your bank and cancel the card to prevent unauthorized use of your grant funds.
  • Try to plan your major expenses around the dates you receive your monthly grant to ensure you have sufficient funds available.

Changing Your SASSA Grant Payment Method

If you change your mind and no longer want your SASSA grant paid into your bank account, you can switch back to receiving it through your SASSA card.

Here is the process:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA office and obtain a SASSA Consent Form form.
  • Indicate on the form that you want to cancel the bank account payment method and revert to using your SASSA card.
  • Submit the completed form along with your ID and fingerprints at the SASSA office to confirm your identity.
  • SASSA will then stop paying money into your bank account. It may take 1-2 months for this change to take effect.
  • You will receive a new SASSA card in the mail which you can use to access your monthly grant through ATMs, retailers, and pay points again.
  • Destroy your old SASSA card once the new card is activated to avoid fraud.

You can also change the bank account to receive your grant at any time by completing a new SASSA Consent Form form and submitting it to your nearest SASSA office.

SASSA Consent Form for receiving Grant in Bank Account
SASSA Consent Form for receiving Grant in Bank Account

Getting your SASSA grant paid into your own bank account allows for convenient, flexible access to your funds each month through multiple withdrawals and payment methods. Just be sure to manage your money wisely and take precautions to keep your grant safe.

Other SASSA Grant Payment and Withdrawal Options

In addition to bank account deposits, there are a few other ways SASSA beneficiaries can receive their monthly grants:


  • SASSA issues special debit cards to grant recipients.
  • You can withdraw your grant in cash at ATMs, bank branches, and retailers that accept SASSA cards.
  • Withdrawals can only be made during the 5-day payment period each month.
  • If your card is lost/stolen, report it to SASSA immediately to avoid unauthorized use.

Cash Pay Points

  • SASSA sets up temporary mobile pay points in communities on payment days.
  • Stand in line to receive your exact grant amount in cash. Bring your ID.
  • Pay points are only open for a few hours on set days. Long queues are common.

Third-Party Money Transfers

  • Services like Mukuru, Mama Money, etc. allow you to send funds to someone’s mobile number.
  • Recipients can collect the money from specific agents. Useful for sending funds to family members.
  • Fees of around 5-20% are deducted per transaction.

Retail Store Pay-Outs

  • Certain Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, and Usave stores help distribute grants.
  • Beneficiaries take their ID to store cashiers during payment periods to collect their grant money.
  • Limited to store working hours and exact grant amounts.

When deciding how you want to receive your monthly SASSA grant, consider factors like convenience, flexibility, accessibility, safety, and cost. Weigh up all the options to determine the payment and withdrawal method that works best for your personal circumstances.

FAQs about Withdrawing SASSA Grant by Bank Account

Can I withdraw my SASSA grant from any bank?

No, you can only withdraw the grant from the specific bank account where your SASSA funds are deposited each month. The bank account needs to be in your own name.

Are there limits on how much I can withdraw?

ATMs usually have a daily withdrawal limit of around R3000-R5000. Bank tellers can give you more cash. There is no limit on purchases and electronic transfers. Manage withdrawals so your grant lasts the whole month.

What if my SASSA grant is late in my account?

Check the SASSA website and social media for payment notifications. Grants can be delayed due to system issues. If your grant is very late, visit your SASSA office to inquire. Keep using your SASSA card for emergency funds until the money arrives in your account.

Can I withdraw my SASSA grant in another province?

Yes, as long as your grant is paid into your bank account, you can use your bank card to withdraw funds countrywide wherever your bank has a presence. Inform SASSA if you move provinces.
Getting your SASSA grant paid into your bank account provides flexibility and security. Follow this guide to successfully withdraw your monthly funds using ATMs, bank tellers, point-of-sale purchases, or electronic transfers. Choose the withdrawal method that suits you best.


Accessing your SASSA grant through your bank account offers a secure and convenient way to receive financial assistance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, beneficiaries can request and initiate the process of having their grants directly deposited into their personal bank accounts. The flexibility and accessibility of this method contribute to the overall goal of improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families across South Africa. Whether using a SASSA card, a bank account, or other payment methods, these grants play a vital role in providing essential support and relief to those in need.