How to Withdraw the SASSA Grant from Pick N Pay?

How to Withdraw SASSA Grant by Pick N Pay

Millions of South Africans rely on social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) as a vital source of income. SASSA provides monthly payments to qualifying beneficiaries, including the Child Support Grant, Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant, and the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant.

If you are a recipient of a SASSA grant, you have several options for accessing your funds each month. One of those options is being able to withdraw your grant directly in cash from Pick n Pay stores around the country.

Here is a comprehensive guide explaining how to withdraw your monthly SASSA grant payments from Pick n Pay:

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Withdrawing SASSA Grants from Pick n Pay

  • Pick n Pay has partnered with SASSA to help pay out grants to beneficiaries in cash at their stores.
  • This provides an alternative to collecting grants at SOUTH African Post Office branches, which often have long queues and limited operating hours.
  • To withdraw your grant from Pick n Pay, you need your original ID and the mobile number used to register for your grant.
  • Enter these details at the till point to verify your grant is available and then approve the confirmation SMS code.
  • The teller will then count out your grant amount in cash for you to collect.
  • Grants can only be collected during the 5-day SASSA payment period each month. You cannot collect grants in advance.

How to Withdraw Your SASSA Grant at Pick n Pay

Follow these steps to withdraw your monthly SASSA grant in cash at any Pick n Pay store:

1. Wait for the SMS Notification

  • A few days before the payment date, you will receive an SMS from SASSA containing details of when and where your grant will be available for collection.
  • The SMS will specify that your grant can be collected in cash from Pick n Pay stores.
  • Do not go to any Pick n Pay to try to collect your grant until you have received this SMS notification.

2. Visit a Pick n Pay Store

  • Once you have received the SMS about your grant being payable, visit your nearest Pick n Pay store.
  • Pick n Pay has over 800 stores across all provinces of South Africa. Most beneficiaries will have a store located close to where they live.
  • Visit the store during your grant’s 5-day payment period stated in the SMS.

3. Take ID and Mobile Phone Details

  • To collect your grant, you MUST bring along your original green, barcoded ID book or smart ID card. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • Also, have your mobile phone that you used to register for the grant. This is essential for verification.
  • Do not try to collect grants using someone else’s ID or mobile number, as this constitutes fraud.

4. Input Details at Till Point

  • Go directly to the till point at Pick n Pay and notify the cashier you are there to collect your SASSA grant.
  • When prompted, input your 13-digit ID number into the point-of-sale device.
  • Also, input the mobile phone number that you registered when applying for the grant.

5. Approve Confirmation SMS

  • You will then receive an SMS from SASSA containing a confirmation code.
  • Show this SMS to the cashier and approve the code.
  • This is an essential authorization and security step to verify your identity.

6. Collect Cash Grant Amount

  • Once your identity and grant availability are confirmed, the teller will count out the exact rand amount of your monthly SASSA grant in cash.
  • Count the money before leaving the till area to ensure you receive the full amount.
  • Keep your ID and SMS confirmation code safe in case you need to return to the store to resolve any issues.
  • No fee is charged by Pick n Pay for grant collections. You receive 100% of your approved grant amount.

Tips for Successfully Collecting Your Grant from Pick n Pay

Follow these tips for a smooth grant collection process at Pick n Pay stores:

  • Only visit the store to collect your grant once you have received the SMS notification from SASSA. Do not try collecting grants in advance.
  • Double-check the dates stated in the SMS notification to ensure you visit the store during your grant’s payment period.
  • Treat your ID document with care and ensure you do not lose it, as it is required to collect your SASSA grant.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is charged and has SMS capability to receive the confirmation code. Airtime is needed to receive SMS messages.
  • Be patient with tellers as grant payment days are very busy. There may be queues at Pick n Pay stores on these days.
  • Visit the store as early as possible once your grant payment period starts to avoid long queues closer to the payment deadline dates.
  • Memorize your ID number rather than carrying your ID book into the store if you are concerned about keeping it safe.
  • If the grant amount paid out is incorrect, speak to the cashier immediately for resolution. Do not leave the store before correcting any issues.
  • Keep all grant SMS notifications and Till slips as proof of collection in case you need to follow up with SASSA on any payment discrepancies.

SASSA Grants That Can Be Withdrawn from Pick n Pay

The primary SASSA grants that beneficiaries can collect in cash from Pick n Pay stores are:

Older Person’s Grant

  • Paid to South African citizens over age 60 who meet income requirements.
  • The current value is R1990 per month (as of 2023).
  • To withdraw from Pick n Pay, follow all steps outlined above on grant payment days.

Disability Grant

  • Paid to South African citizens with a confirmed physical or mental disability.
  • The current value is R1990 per month (as of 2023).
  • Use your ID and mobile number to collect the full grant amount from Pick n Pay stores.

Child Support Grant

  • Caregivers of eligible children under 18 years can apply.
  • The current value is R480 per child per month (as of 2023).
  • Withdraw using the primary caregiver’s ID details and registered mobile number.

SRD Social Relief Grant

  • Introduced during COVID-19 to assist unemployed individuals with no income.
  • Value is R350 per approved applicant per month.
  • Can be withdrawn in cash from any Pick n Pay outlet.

Pick n Pay Stores That Do NOT Pay Out SASSA Grants

While most Pick n Pay stores can pay out SASSA grants, there are a few exceptions:

  • BP Pick n Pay Express gas station convenience stores.
  • Pick n Pay Clothing standalone clothing stores.
  • Pick n Pay Liquor liquor stores.
  • Pick n Pay Food On The Move franchises situated at petrol stations.
  • Pick n Pay Family Stores that only sell food.

Always double-check your notification SMS for the exact store location for grant collections. Only regular Pick n Pay supermarket stores pay out SASSA grant money.

How Grant Collection From Pick n Pay Stores Benefits SASSA Beneficiaries

Using Pick n Pay stores to withdraw SASSA grant funds offers several benefits to grant recipients:


  • Pick n Pay has stores located within most communities across South Africa. Beneficiaries can access grants close to where they live.
  • Stores are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm, allowing convenient access.

Speed and efficiency

  • Collections take just a few minutes if you have your ID and mobile details. No lengthy queues.
  • POS systems allow tellers to quickly verify beneficiaries and pay out grants.


  • Confirmation SMS codes on your own mobile phone provide enhanced identity verification.
  • No need to carry large amounts of cash from ATMs or post offices back home.


  • Pick n Pay stores provide a dependable, consistent grant collection point each month.
  • An alternative is if post office branches have payment issues or closures.


  • Beneficiaries can privately collect grants as part of their normal shopping without standing in long public queues.

Important Reminders When Collecting SASSA Grants at Pick n Pay

Here are some final important reminders for a smooth grant collection experience at Pick n Pay:

  • Wait to visit the store until you have received the SMS notification about your grant being payable.
  • Only collect your OWN grant. Do not try to claim someone else’s grant fraudulently.
  • Memorize your ID number instead of carrying your ID book if concerned about safety.
  • Ensure your cell phone is charged and SMS-ready to receive the confirmation code.
  • Be patient with tellers as grant days are very busy. Query any payment discrepancies respectfully.
  • Keep all proof of payment in case you need to follow up on any issues.
  • Report a lost or stolen ID immediately and apply for a new ID before the next grant payment.
  • Inform SASSA if your mobile number changes so they can update your details.
  • Visit SASSA to inform them if you did not receive an expected grant payment for investigation.

Withdrawing your SASSA grant from Pick n Pay provides a convenient way to securely access your essential grant funds in cash each month. Just remember to carry your valid ID and mobile phone to have a quick and easy grant collection experience.

Other Ways to Access Your SASSA Grant Funds

In addition to cash collections at Pick n Pay stores, here are some other methods SASSA beneficiaries can use to receive their monthly grants:

Bank Account Direct Deposit

  • SASSA can pay grants directly into beneficiaries’ personal bank accounts.
  • To set this up, visit SASSA to complete an Annexure C bank form.
  • Gives access to grant funds at ATMs or for purchases using a bank card.

SASSA Card Withdrawals

  • SASSA issues a special debit card to grant beneficiaries.
  • Use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs, banks, or point-of-sale.
  • Can also be used for purchases at shops.
  • More limited than a bank account as cash can only be accessed during the 5-day payment period.

Cash Send eWallet

  • Available from FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA, Capitec, and Nedbank.
  • SASSA loads money into a virtual eWallet using your mobile number.
  • Receive OTP PIN to withdraw cash at supported ATM networks.

Money Transfers

  • Services like Mukuru, and Mama Money let you send grant funds to another mobile number.
  • The recipient cashes out the money at designated agents.
  • Useful for sending funds to relatives and dependents.

Post Office Paypoints

  • Grants can be collected in cash from Post Office branches.
  • Only available on designated grant payment dates during the month.
  • Long queues are common as many beneficiaries use this option.

Consider which option best suits your specific needs and circumstances. Pick n Pay provides a great alternative for quickly collecting your entire grant amount in cash each month.

FAQs about Withdrawing SASSA Grant by Bank Account

Here are answers to some common questions about withdrawing SASSA grants from Pick n Pay stores:

When can I collect my SASSA grant from Pick n Pay each month?

You can only collect your monthly SASSA grant in cash from Pick n Pay stores during the 5-day payment period specified in your SMS notification from SASSA. Do not try to collect earlier.

What if I lost my ID book? Can I still collect my grant?

No, you cannot collect any SASSA grant without presenting your valid original green barcoded ID book or smart ID card. Report the lost ID to Home Affairs immediately and apply for a new one.

What happens if my mobile phone is stolen before grant payment day?

Immediately report the stolen phone to SASSA and provide your new mobile number for them to update your details. You will need the new number to receive the OTP confirmation code when collecting your grant from Pick n Pay.

Do all Pick n Pay stores pay out SASSA grants?

No, some exceptions are BP Express, Pick n Pay Clothing, Pick n Pay Liquor, and Food on the Move outlets. Always check your SMS for the specific store location to use.

Can I send someone else to collect my SASSA grant for me at Pick n Pay?

No, that is fraudulent. Every beneficiary must personally collect their own grant at the store using their own unique ID and mobile number for verification. No exceptions.

I lost my SMS notification message, Can I still collect my grant?

Without the SMS you will not know which days your grant can be collected. Visit or call your nearest SASSA office and they can check the payment dates and resend the SMS to you.

What do I do if Pick n Pay staff pays out the wrong grant amount?

Ask to speak to the store manager immediately if your grant amount is incorrect. Do not leave the store until the correct amount is paid out and confirmed.

Is there a fee to collect my SASSA grant in cash from Pick n Pay?

No, there are no fees or charges deducted from your grant amount when collecting in cash from Pick n Pay stores. You receive the full approved grant amount.


Collecting your SASSA social grants from Pick n Pay stores provides a quick, convenient way to access your grant funds securely in cash each month. Just be sure to follow all the proper steps using your ID and registered mobile number for smooth payments.