How to Withdraw Money from Your SASSA Card?

How to Withdraw SASSA Grant by Card

In South Africa, millions rely on social grants loaded onto SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) cards each month. If you receive grant payments through a SASSA card, understanding how to properly withdraw funds is essential. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to access your money securely using a SASSA card.

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The SASSA card is a special debit card used to distribute social grants each month to beneficiaries including:

  • Older Person’s Grants
  • Disability Grants
  • Child Support Grants
  • Foster Care Grants
  • Care Dependency Grants
  • SRD Grants

Each month, approved grants get automatically loaded onto SASSA cardholder accounts. The cards offer several withdrawal options:

  • ATM withdrawals
  • POS purchases and cash backs at major retailers
  • Limited withdrawals at South African Post Office branches
  • Load money into digital wallets

Learning how to maximize this payment card enables convenient, reliable access to your essential grant funds.

Activating Your SASSA Card and PIN

When you receive your SASSA card, you’ll need to activate it and set a PIN before use:

  • Call the toll-free number on the card envelope for activation.
  • Follow the prompts to activate the card and select your unique 4-digit PIN.
  • Never share your PIN with anyone else. Memorize it rather than write it down.
  • You can change your PIN anytime at an ATM or SASSA office if desired.

Properly activating the card and PIN enables only you to withdraw your grant money.

ATM Withdrawals Using Your SASSA Card

Any ATM in South Africa displaying the SASSA logo accepts SASSA cards. To withdraw cash:

  • Insert your SASSA card into the ATM slot.
  • Enter your confidential 4-digit PIN when prompted.
  • Select “Withdrawal” from the menu options.
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Take the dispensed cash when provided along with your card.

With thousands of ATMs across South Africa, you have the flexibility to access funds from almost anywhere through this method.

Understanding SASSA Card ATM Withdrawal Limits

To prevent abuse, SASSA cards have defined daily ATM withdrawal limits:

  • Older Persons’s Grants are limited to R1,800 per day.
  • Disability Grants are capped at R1,800 daily.
  • All other grant types have a R1,000 daily limit.
  • Your card also has a total monthly withdrawal limit.

Plan major purchases needing larger lump sums in advance across multiple days. Budget within the constraints.

Using Your SASSA Card at Retailers and Stores

Along with ATM withdrawals, your SASSA card functions like a regular debit card at merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals:

  • Swipe your card at checkout when making purchases.
  • Select “Cheque” or “Savings” if the terminal prompts for the account type.
  • Enter your confidential PIN to authorize the transaction.
  • Retain the printed payment slip as your record.
  • You can also request cashback amounts when making purchases.

Major retailers like Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Boxer, and Spar accept SASSA cards, providing more withdrawal flexibility.

Understanding SASSA Card Purchase Transaction Limits

Your SASSA card has defined limits on purchase abilities:

  • Daily purchase amounts are capped at around R2,500 per day.
  • Single transaction maximums also apply, typically around R1,000.
  • The card cannot be used for online, telephone, or mail-order purchases. Only in-person.
  • Contact SASSA to raise limits temporarily for major essential expenses if needed.

Keeping transaction amounts modest prevents card declines and stretches your grant funds responsibly.

Withdrawing from Select South African Post Office Branches

While less common today, SASSA cardholders can still withdraw funds at Post Office branches offering financial services:

  • Present your SASSA card and ID document when requesting a withdrawal.
  • Confirm your identity by providing your registered mobile number or answering security questions.
  • Once validated, the teller provides your grant cash over the counter.
  • Count Cash carefully before leaving and safely stash it away.

Post Office withdrawals provide options in rural areas with few ATMs.

Using Your SASSA Card at Cashless ATMs

Special retailer cashless ATMs allow card-based shopping without needing cash:

  • Insert your SASSA card and PIN to initiate a withdrawal.
  • Once approved, you receive a paper voucher confirming the amount.
  • Take the voucher to the shop cashier to purchase goods against it.
  • Goods equal to your voucher value can be obtained.

Cashless ATMs facilitate safe, convenient grant spending without withdrawing and carrying risky cash.

Checking Your Balance Before Withdrawals

Before attempting card withdrawals or purchases, always confirm sufficient funds are available by:

  • Reviewing the latest SMS balance notification you received if enrolled.
  • Phoning SASSA to check your balance if nearing month end.
  • Using retailer POS terminals to request a balance inquiry rather than cashback.
  • Visiting an ATM and selecting “Balance Inquiry” to view available funds.

Avoiding declined transactions prevents avoidable fees. Verify funds before each use.

Splitting Grant Withdrawals Across Multiple Days

You don’t have to exhaust your full grant amount in one withdrawal. Request partial amounts instead:

  • At ATMs, select a partial withdrawal value instead of the max.
  • When shopping, request limited cashback to cover only immediate needs.
  • Spread accessing your grant across multiple smaller withdrawals throughout the month.
  • Save balances month to month rather than fully emptying accounts each period.

This provides greater flexibility aligning access to your evolving monthly costs and needs.

Understanding SASSA Card Fees

While your grant money is provided for free, using your SASSA card may incur fees:

  • SASSA card withdrawals from SASSA-branded ATMs are fee-free.
  • But other banks’ ATMs often levy fees – always confirm before use.
  • Replacing lost or damaged SASSA cards costs R26.
  • Retailer cashless ATM withdrawals may carry small admin fees around R10 in some cases.

Knowing the fees helps identify the most cost-effective withdrawal options based on your usage needs and patterns.

Avoiding Unauthorized Third-Party Withdrawals

When using your SASSA card:

  • Never provide your card and PIN to other parties to withdraw funds on your behalf unless formally approved as proxies.
  • Politely decline assistance from strangers who approach you at ATMs offering to “help” complete your transaction. Guard your PIN privacy.
  • Do not engage in schemes where individuals provide you cash encouraging you to then reciprocate matching withdrawals for them from your SASSA account. This constitutes money laundering.

Closely controlling card access protects your grant funds from misuse. Report issues immediately.

Options for Cardholders Without Working ATM Cards

If your SASSA card stops working due to damage, demagnetization, or other technical issues:

  • You can request emergency grants from select Post Offices by providing your ID and confirming your identity.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office as soon as possible to order a replacement card.
  • While waiting, use Post Bank accounts to access funds through their card networks if already linked.

Don’t stay stranded without granted access. Alternate withdrawal assistance is available while correcting card problems.

Reporting Lost, Stolen, or Damaged SASSA Cards

If your SASSA card is ever lost, stolen or too damaged to use before replacing it:

  • Immediately call the SASSA cancellation hotline on 0800 60 10 11 to disable the card and prevent illicit use.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office to order a replacement and provide the reference number you receive by calling.
  • Monitor your grant balance closely for unauthorized withdrawals during this transition period.

Prompt action limits the risks of your grant funds being improperly drained from the compromised card.

Safely Keeping and Caring For Your SASSA Card

To prolong your SASSA card’s lifespan and maintain proper functionality:

  • Avoid exposing your card to dirt or liquids which could damage the magnetic stripe. Keep it in a safe dry place.
  • Prevent demagnetization by keeping cards away from electronic devices, speakers or smartphone magnets.
  • Do not keep cards in back pockets where sitting can damage the chip and strip.
  • Check the expiration date and request replacements from SASSA within 6 months of expiry.

With proper care and precautions, your SASSA card can reliably serve you for years.

Using Your SASSA Card at eWallet Retailers

If you utilize digital eWallet cash-sending services, your SASSA card enables conveniently loading funds:

  • Cash Send allows SASSA cardholders to directly transfer grant money into eWallets.
  • At CPS outlets, insert your SASSA card and transfer the desired amounts to your eWallet account.
  • Shoprite Pay also enables sending grants to your mobile money account using your SASSA card.

Linking your eWallet account provides flexible digital options but limits transfers to what you need immediately to ensure safety.

When Do I Get a New SASSA Card?

You will automatically receive a new SASSA card through the post about one month before your current card expires:

  • Check your card’s expiration date so you know when to expect the replacement.
  • Call SASSA if no new card arrives around a month prior to expiry.
  • Destroy and discard expired cards after activating the new one.

Proactively tracking and expecting your new card ensures no grant access interruptions.

Who to Call If You Have SASSA Card Issues

If encountering any problems using or managing your SASSA card, call:

  • The SASSA national call center at 0800 60 10 11 for general card assistance and queries.
  • South African Post Office customer care if you use their Postbank card system.
  • Your bank directly if bank account linkage to your card encounters issues.

Don’t stay stuck – a quick call can often resolve most card troubles.

Using the SASSA Card as a Teaching Tool for Children

Consider involving children in grant errands as learning experiences:

  • Show children how to properly care for and use cards responsibly at an early age.
  • Explain concepts like checking balances, being aware of security risks, PIN protection, etc.
  • Provide oversight but help older children understand ATM and POS transactions first-hand.
  • Set up supervised trainer accounts replicating the withdrawal process.

Equipping young people with money management skills and financial literacy pays invaluable dividends into adulthood.

Avoiding Queue Jostling and Congestion When Withdrawing

To avoid grant payment rush hour chaos at ATMs and pay points:

  • Go earlier or later in the day when fewer people are around.
  • Delay withdrawals a day or two until initial crowds dissipate if possible.
  • Travel in groups and take turns standing in lines for security.
  • Politely raise accessibility concerns if disabled, pregnant, or elderly.

While frustrating, exercising patience and planning reduces congestion frustrations.

Reporting Criminal Activity When Withdrawing

Immediately report concerning or unlawful incidents during the withdrawal process:

  • File a police report and request an investigation if robbed after withdrawing. Provide suspect descriptions.
  • If officials request bribes to release funds, report the corruption to the SASSA anti-fraud line.
  • Note ATM or retailer locations establishing concerning patterns of fraud or abuse.

By speaking up, your experiences help authorities bolster security and aid justice.

Tips for Smooth SASSA Card Withdrawals

In summary, tips for easily accessing your SASSA grant money include:

  • Know your card’s daily limits, fees, and functionality at ATMs, retailers, etc.
  • Check your balance before attempting any withdrawals or purchases.
  • Guard your PIN absolutely. Never share it with anyone.
  • Withdraw early in payment cycles once funds arrive to avoid crowds.
  • Travel safely in pairs or groups where possible. Stick to well-lit ATMs.
  • Report issues immediately and keep replacement card orders up-to-date.

Staying informed on proper SASSA card use ensures you securely obtain the essential assistance you and your family rely on.

FAQs about Withdrawing SASSA Grant by Card

How do I use my SASSA card at an ATM to withdraw cash?

Insert your SASSA card into any ATM, enter your 4-digit PIN, select “Withdrawal”, enter the amount, and take your dispensed cash.

What are the daily SASSA card withdrawal limits at ATMs?

The daily limit is R1,800 for Older Persons and Disability Grants. R1,000 daily for other grant types.

Can I use my SASSA card to withdraw money when shopping?

Yes, you can swipe your card at major retailers for purchases, get cashback, or use retailer cashless ATMs to shop with a voucher.

How do I check my SASSA card balance?

You can check at ATMs, via SMS notifications if enrolled, through retailer POS balance inquiries, the SASSA call center, or the SASSA app in some cases.

What should I do if my SASSA card is lost, stolen, or stopped working?

Immediately call 0800 60 10 11 to report it missing. Order a replacement at your SASSA office. Use Post Offices and proxy withdrawals temporarily if absolutely needed.

Are there fees for using my SASSA card?

Withdrawals from SASSA ATMs are free, but other banks may charge fees. Replacing damaged, lost, or expired cards costs R26. Some retailers also charge small cashless ATM fees.

How can I withdraw money without large crowds?

Withdraw a day or two after payment dates once the initial rush dissipates. Go at opening or closing times when fewer people are around.

Can I withdraw partial amounts spread over multiple days?

Yes, you can split withdrawals across many days and times based on your budget needs, rather than exhausting your full grant at once.

Who can I call for help with SASSA card issues or questions?

You can contact the SASSA national call center at 0800 60 10 11 or South African Post Office support if you utilize their banking system.


SASSA cards provide approved grant beneficiaries with a straightforward mechanism to withdraw funds. Understanding all the card-based withdrawal methods at your disposal enables you to access money conveniently and cost-effectively based on your unique needs and mobility. Mastering features like checking balances beforehand, making strategic partial withdrawals, reporting problems promptly, and keeping your PIN strictly confidential ensures you get full utility from this vital payment card. With proper use and care, your SASSA card can empower reliable access to the social assistance you and your loved ones are entitled to.