SASSA Website Down showing The Service is unavailable at the moment Please try again later

Saturday, April 06, 2024 – The official website of the SASSA Status Check for SRD,, has experienced a significant outage, leaving many grant beneficiaries unable to access crucial information about their Social Relief of Distress (SRD) and other social grants.

According to reports, the SASSA website has been displaying an error message stating,

“The Service is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.”

This outage has prevented grant recipients from checking the status of their applications, payment dates, and other important information through the online platform.

SASSA Website Down showing The Service is unavailable at the moment
SASSA Website Down: The Service is unavailable at the moment

The SASSA website serves as a crucial hub for millions of South Africans who rely on social grants to make ends meet. These grants, which include the SRD, Child Support Grant, and Old Age Pension, among others, are a vital lifeline for many vulnerable individuals and families in the country.

“It’s extremely frustrating that we can’t access the SASSA website right now,” said Jane Doe, a grant beneficiary from Johannesburg. “Many of us depend on these grants to cover our basic needs, and not being able to check on the status of our payments is causing a lot of anxiety.”

The SASSA website outage comes at a critical time, as the agency is responsible for administering and disbursing these vital social grants. The inability to access the website has left grant recipients in the dark, unsure of when they will receive their much-needed funds.

SASSA has not yet provided an official statement on the cause of the website outage or when the service is expected to be restored. However, the agency has been working to address the issue and ensure that grant beneficiaries can access the information they need.

As the SASSA website outage continues, grant recipients are left with limited options to access their crucial information. The agency’s response and efforts to resolve the issue will be closely watched by the millions of South Africans who rely on these social grants for their livelihoods.

Checking SASSA Status While the Official Website is Down

With the SASSA website experiencing an outage, many grant beneficiaries are left wondering how they can check the status of their applications and payments. While the official online platform is unavailable, there are alternative ways for individuals to access this information.

You can check your status from the page given below.

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