Social grants provided by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) are a lifeline for millions of South Africans living in poverty. However, predatory financial service providers often take advantage of grant beneficiaries by making unauthorized deductions from their grants. This deduction fraud robs the most vulnerable South Africans of money they desperately need.

If you have noticed unauthorized deductions on your SASSA grant, you have the power to fight back. Follow these steps to stop deduction fraud and reclaim your grant money:

Protecting SASSA Grant from Unauthorized Deduction
Protecting SASSA Grant from Unauthorized Deduction

1. Gather Information

Take a close look at your grant statements and payment records. Make note of any monthly deductions you did not agree to. Record the company name, amount deducted, and duration of the deduction. This information will be needed to lodge a dispute.

2. Send a Dispute SMS

Send an SMS to 34548 with the topic “Dispute.” Include your ID number, full name, the financial service provider’s name, duration of the deductions, and reason for dispute (“I never signed a contract” or “misrepresentation”). This launches the formal dispute process.

3. Wait for Investigation

SASSA will investigate by contacting the financial service provider. This may take 30-60 days. The deductions should be suspended during the investigation.

4. Provide Additional Info

You may be asked to provide additional information or documentation that supports your claim. Respond promptly and completely to help prove your case. Non-response could lead to the dispute being closed.

5. Get Support If Needed

If you need help with paperwork or the dispute process, reach out to your local SASSA office, legal aid clinic, or social worker. Advocacy groups like Black Sash can also assist grant beneficiaries with deduction disputes.

6. Receive Outcome

Once the investigation is complete, SASSA will send you a letter with the outcome. If the dispute is upheld in your favor, the unauthorized deductions will be permanently stopped and any money incorrectly deducted will be paid back into your account.

By following this dispute process, you can fight back against predatory deduction fraud and reclaim full use of your SASSA social grant. Report any threats, intimidation, or requests for payment from the financial service provider to SASSA immediately. Stand up for your rights!

FAQs about Reporting SASSA Grant Deductions

How long does it take to resolve a deduction dispute?

The entire dispute process usually takes 20-30 days from start to finish. It may take longer if the financial service provider delays responding to SASSA’s investigation.

Can deductions continue while my dispute is ongoing?

No, SASSA will suspend all deductions by the company in question until the dispute investigation is completed.

Do I need a lawyer to lodge a deduction dispute?

No, the SASSA dispute process is designed to be accessible to grant beneficiaries without needing to hire legal representation.

What if SASSA rejects my dispute claim?

You will receive a SMS outlining why your dispute was rejected. If you still believe the deductions are invalid, submit a new dispute with additional supporting details.

Where can I find help with the dispute process?

Reach out to your local SASSA office, social worker, or advocacy groups like Black Sash for free assistance with deduction disputes.

What information do I need to provide in the dispute SMS?

The SMS must include your name, ID number, the company’s name, deduction duration, and dispute reason. Fully completing all fields ensures quick processing.

How will I get back the grant money that was deducted?

If your dispute succeeds, SASSA will pay back the wrongfully deducted money into your regular grant account.

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